Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wednesdays: 5 Ways to be a More Productive Stay at Home Mom

Let’s face it- being a stay at home mom IS work- but without the regulated hours or regular pay of a regular 40 hour work week,  it leaves YOU, the mom, in charge setting your own work, hours, goals, etc.

There are lots of good reasons to be a SAHM- I have at least five reasons for being a stay at home mom- but if you don't feel productive and successful, you might want to give it up altogether.

Here are 5 tips on how to be more successful as a stay at home mom

1- When possible, wake up before the rest of your family (namely children) shower, dress, and get ready for the day. This will automatically set your mind in go-mode, preventing you from being sluggish and unproductive throughout the first hours of the day

2- Any physical exercise, even just 15 minutes a day, will release extra endorphins, giving you some extra energy. Additionally, a little cardio can help you work out anger/frustration (which can’t help but give you more patience with your children)

3- Each night, before going to sleep, jot down a to-do list for the next day. Even if you aren’t able to accomplish everything on your list, you will find that simply having them written down will help you to do more than if it was just on your mind

4- Have one long-term goal (eat better, work out, finish an art project, sculpture, quilt, garden, etc.) and do a little bit of work on it each day. Stay at home moms are busier than ever, so giving just a few minutes a day over time will result in a substantial result that will surprise you.

5- Tune out the TV. Have favorite shows? Ones you can’t miss? Just choose even one hour of TV that you normally watch and substitute it with listening to the radio for an hour instead- that hour of programming that you miss will quickly turn into something far more important: an hour playing with your kids, a cleaner home, a better dinner that evening….

However, make sure to remember that as a stay at home mom, your number one priority IS your children: If you ever have something that seems to come above your children, re-evaluate yourself a bit. In five years, will you remember that half hour that you laughed and chased with your children? Or your spotless floor? Just be careful to keep a balance.

It's important to be productive, but make sure that you are happy, too, or you risk resenting your sweet children. Here's 5 Ways to be a Happier Stay at Home Mom.

New to mom-ing? Check out 5 Tips for New Moms.

And, of course, if you are working to improve yourself, you can work with me on being a great mom with 5 Differences between a Good Mom and a Great Mom. (it's a learning process. ;) )


  1. Thank you for sharing! Beautifully succinct and empowering.

  2. Hi! Great post. I would like to follow your blog by e-mail but I don't see a link or place to sign up?? Also, just fyi, the links to the right of your blog are in a shade of blue that is extremely difficult to see/read--You might consider making them black or something else dark so we can read them! Thanks

  3. #1 is reason enough not to have kids. I'm TERRIBLE in the mornings. Any my nephew wakes up at 6am.

    1. Selfish much?

    2. She isn't selfish she knows what she wants and better to discover that before kids....some people don't make good parents

    3. She isn't selfish she knows what she wants and better to discover that before kids....some people don't make good parents

  4. The morning thing needs to be worked on I'm not a morning person.

  5. These are some good tips! I am up before my family this morning and feel really productive!

  6. Great tips! I am up before my family this morning and feel really productive!

    Lisa @ www.charlie-the-cavalier.blogspot.com

  7. Simple but great advice! Love this! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Sadly after number one, I was already getting tired. Some days I run at 200%, some days I hide in the closet. :p

  9. Thanks for this pep talk! Something you could try, I have little laminated queue notes stuck to my mirror. I have some goals on them and it really helps me remember to focus on the important things. Having goals is so important.

    Gena F | Vantaggio HR